Sipar und Sveti Ivan – Mošćenička Draga

If it is spoken about Mošćenička Draga, it is associated with a wonderful beach. Two stars among the beaches in Croatia – Sipar and Sv. Ivan. Here you will find the most beautiful pebbles of the Kvarner Bay and probably of the entire Adriatic.

Denser Richard Katalinic Jeretov
Denser Richard Katalinic Jeretov

These beaches on the Riviera were already referred to as the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera of Opatija by the Croatian poet Richard Katalinic Jeretov in one of his poems. The locals call these stones “Sipar”. The beaches of Mošćenička Draga were created for decades with the fine white stones from the rubble of the mountain stream Draškoga Potoka which flows from the mountains of Ucka to the sea, and shaped by the ocean waves for years. Not without reason many locals from Rijeka and Opatija come here for sunbathing and swimming. No wonder, fine round pebble, flat sloping in a turquoise shimmering sea; these are fabulous conditions for wonderful sunbathing and swimming days. For years the sea waves have “stolen” pebbles from the beach and thus an easily passable sloping beach from pebbles was formed. Especially children and older visitors are grateful to nature for this situation.

Beach bar "Val"
Beach bar “Val”

Some people prefer the peace and seclusion of an isolated cove into which tourists rarely come. -They will opt for the small, secluded beach Sv. Ivan. Sv. Ivan has a café and a restaurant and is not accessible by car. Others are drawn to a lively beach with beach cafés, surf schools, sun-loungers, parasols and many other offers. -They will opt for the beach Sipar. An active holidaymaker is in good hands at the beach Sipar, here there is a wide range of sports and leisure opportunities. The one who loves variety, sometimes lively and sometimes aloof, changes from the beach Sv. Ivan to the beach Sipar. The beaches are only about 1000 meters away from each other. Both beaches have a lot of green vegetation with Mediterranean plants. Boats can anchor well, mooring on buoys, or find a place in the port. Sanitary facilities, kiosks, restaurants, ice cream parlors and cafés are standard.

Around Mošćenička Draga, close to the guest house Villa-Inge, there are more small beaches and swimming areas that are suitable for a cooling dip. The typical beach is a pebble beach, sometimes in direct connection to a relaxing lawn. All beaches are accessible free of charge. Sun loungers and parasols can be hired and the most popular water sports can also be practiced. Nudism tourism lovers have their own secluded beach not far from Sv. Ivan. For animal lovers there are small demarcated beaches where dogs are allowed. If you own a small boat, you should drive along the coast. Every now and then you will find small bays and here you will often be the only visitor. However the pebbles reached the small bays, anyway, they are also to find here. In the shadow of the small bays that are only accessible by boat, you hear the sound of the sea and enjoy the day off every activity. Fishermen’s houses, made from old stones, were often built in these bays. They were and are still used for storage of equipment pieces of fishermen.

Rooms and apartments – 80 meters to the beach

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