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It is not possible to book a specific room/apartment. Only the category can be selected. Which room/apartment the guest actually gets within the category depends on how Villa Inge ensures a reasonable occupancy rate with the guests available at the time. We are happy to take note of such requests for stays of 14 days or more and will then endeavour to reserve the desired accommodation!
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If a child/baby is not 12 months old on the day of your arrival, you do not need to indicate this child/baby here, as we do not charge any costs for babies under 12 months! However, please let us know in the comments section whether a child/baby will be travelling with you and whether a cot is required!
Rooms can be booked only with breakfast. Apartments have the option to book breakfast! Unless you wish to make an advance payment, we do not accept reservations. For this reason, we ask that you only submit a reservation request if you actually wish to make a reservation. As far as we can accept your reservation, we will send you an invoice by email and ask for a prompt payment.
If you do not want to pay now, you should submit a reservation request only at the time when you want to settle the bill. You can also arrive without a reservation and book accommodation on the spot, if available.
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